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Solution for deploying and managing Hadoop clusters on cloud infrastructure based on automatically provisioned infrastructure running base docker images with Hadoop provisioned on top via Apache Ambari using Blueprints. Includes out of the box support for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and OpenStack, plus a Service Provider Interface (SPI) for adding support for new providers. Supports automated scaling of clusters based on Ambari Metrics and Alerts (Periscope), custom scripts that can be run on hosts before or after deployment (Recipes), a number of out of the box Blueprints, the use of custom docker images, data locality specifiers, Kerberized clusters and support for external AD/LDAP servers. Manageable through a web UI, a REST API, a CLI and an interactive shell. Originally created by SequenceIQ, with an initial beta release in July 2014, with SequenceIQ then acquired by Hortonworks in April 2015, and a 1.0 release of Cloudbreak included in HDP 2.3 in July 2015. Open sourced under the Apache 2.0 licence, with a stated plan for the code to be donated to the Apache Foundation.

Technology Information

TypeCommercial Open Source
Last UpdatedFebruary 2019 - v2.9

Related Technologies

ManagesHortonworks Data Platform

Release History

versionrelease daterelease linksrelease comment
1.142017-04-05release notes 
1.162017-06-16release notesAdds support for Hortonworks Flex Support Subscription
2.1 TP2017-11-20docs blogTech preview; new documentation
2.2 TP2017-12-20docs blogSecond TP release; doc updates
2.42018-02-24blog post; release notes; docs blogNew UI and CLI
2.5 TP2018-04-04release notesHDF support
2.72018-06-16blog post; release notes 
2.8 TP2018-09-19release notes 
2.92019-02-07release notes 


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