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A web based notebook for interactive data analytics on Hadoop (with both CDH and HDP supported) that uses docker to provide custom execution environments for each notebook. Supports Python, R and Scala interpreters, plus remote execution of Spark with out of the box support for Hadoop security. Notebook code is run within a docker container in a managed Kubernetes instance, allowing different libraries to be installed and used by different notebooks, and other dependancies to be installed via terminal access to the container or via custom Docker images. Also includes support for version control (via git), tracking of model tests (Experiments), automatic deployment of models and all dependancies behind a REST endpoint (Models), collaboration via shared projects, sharing of notebooks via HTTP URLs, publishing of notebooks as HTML and scheduled execution of notebooks via workflows (including dependancies on other jobs). Originally created by, which was acquired by Cloudera in March 2016. Initial GA release was 1.0 in April 2017, with support for HDP added in January 2019

Technology Information

Last UpdatedJuly 2019 - v1.6

Release History

versionrelease daterelease linksrelease comment
1.02017-04-26announcement; release notesInitial release
1.12017-07-18announcement; release notes; blog post 
1.22017-10-20release notes; blog postnew usage monitoring
1.32018-01-26announcement; release notes 
1.42018-06-15announcement; blog post; release notes 
1.52019-01-29announcement; release notes; CDH 6.1 + HDP 2.6/3.1 support 
1.62019-07-24announcement; using your own editor blog 


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