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Platform for installing, managing and monitoring Cloudera CDH Hadoop clusters. Supports creation of clusters using step by step wizards, plus cluster templates for creating multiple clusters with the same configuration (e.g. dev, test and production), using either native OS packages or parcels (a Cloudera Manager distribution format that has a number of advantages over packages). Also supports the administration and configuration of clusters (including user and resource management, and the ability to manage multiple clusters); the automated Kerberization of clusters; monitoring of cluster, host and service statuses, health and metrics; generation of events and the use of custom triggers to take action on these; the visualisation of metrics; centralised log management; HDFS reports and automatic replication of data to a backup/DR cluster. Also integrates directly with Cloudera Support to enable proactive support. Web based, with a REST API and a full security model with auditing of all actions, and the ability to add support for custom services. Introduced in January 2012 as a replacement for the Cloudera Management Suite (CMS). Available for free without some enterprise features, or as part of a Cloudera CDH subscription.

Technology Information

Last UpdatedApril 2019 - v6.2

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Release History

versionrelease daterelease linksrelease comment
5.112017-04-18See CDH 5.11 release linksCDH 5.11
5.122017-07-13See CDH 5.12 release linksCDH 5.12
5.132017-10-12See CDH 5.13 release linksCDH 5.13
5.142018-01-26See CDH 5.14 release linksCDH 5.14
5.152018-06-15See CDH 5.15 release linksCDH 5.15
5.162018-11-28Release NotesCDH 5.16
6.02018-08-30Release NotesCDH 6.0
6.12018-12-18Release NotesCDH 6.1
6.22019-03-29Release notesCDH 6.2


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