Cloudera Navigator Data Encryption edit  

A suite of products that complement HDFS transparent encryption to provide data at rest encryption across an Hadoop cluster. Includes Navigator Encrypt (a solution for encrypting Linux filesystems, with access granted to approved processes), Navigator Key Trustee Server (a software based solution for managing encryption keys), Navigator Key HSM (allows Navigator Key Trustee Server to use a Hardware Security Module as the root of trust for keys), Navigator Key Trustee KMS (an Hadoop Key Management Service that uses Navigator Key Trustee Server as the underlying key store) and Navigator HSM KMS (an hadoop Key Management Service backed by an HSM where encryption zone keys originate on and never leave the HSM). First released in 2014 following the acquisition of Gazzang.

Technology Information

Other NamesNavigator Encrypt, Navigator Key Trustee Server, Navigator Key HSM, Navigator Key Trustee KMS, Navigator HSM KMS
Last UpdatedApril 2019 - v6.2

Release History

versionrelease daterelease linksrelease comment
5.14 (1.11 Key HSM; 3.14 Encrypt)2018-01-26See CDH 5.14 release linksCDH 5.14
5.15 (1.11 Key HSM; 3.15 Encrypt)2018-06-15See CDH 5.15 release linksCDH 5.15
5.16 (1.11 Key HSM; 3.16 Encrypt)2018-11-28See CDH 5.16 release linksCDH 5.16
6.02018-08-30Release notesCDH 6.0
6.12018-12-18Release notesCDH 6.1
6.22019-03-29Release notesCDH 6.2