Cloudera Navigator Optimizer edit  

A web based hosted service for analysing SQL logs from a range of relational databases to provide guidance on offloading workloads to Hadoop, and from Hive and Impala to provide guidance on optimising workloads running on Hadoop. Can analyse query logs, query metadata, schemas and statistics, and includes a Java utility to mask literal values in SQl queries and logs, and to encrypting schema identifiers before files are uploaded. Provides analytics on the overall query workload (including by similarity and risk, as well as by uploaded metrics such as cpu usage, memory usage and file system reads/writes) and recommendations for improvements to queries (to reduce risk, and to make external queries Hadoop compatible), with risk representing the level of Hadoop compatibility. Formally which was founded in 2013, acquired by Cloudera in February 2015, with a GA release as Cloudera Navigator Optimizer in July 2016.

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Last UpdatedSeptember 2018