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Series of solutions for accessing Elasticsearch (including Kibana and the X-Pack commercial extensions) as a service, or for automated provisioning, managing and monitoring Elasticsearch clusters in the cloud or on premesis. Includes Elasticsearch Service (automated deployment and management of Elasticsearch on AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform), Elastic Cloud Enterprise (orchestration of Elasticsearch on local or cloud infrastructure), Elastic App Search Service (Elasticsearch as a service for your applications) and Elastic Site Search Service (Elasticsearch as a service for your website). Elasticsearch Service include support for scripting and plugins, high availability across multiple zones, automated security configuration, upgrades, scaling and backups through a management web UI (Elastic Cloud Console / Cloud UI). Elastic Cloud Enterprise supports the same capability on your own infrastructure, and includes an API in addition to the web UI for configuring and managing clusters, with Elasticsearch and Kibana provisioned using Docker containers. Each service offering is available under a range of subscription licence tiers with differing levels of support and some feature differences; Elastic Cloud Enterprise is freely available but requires you to provide your own Elasticsearch licences. Elasticsearch Service was launched in July 2015 as Elastic Cloud; Elastic Cloud Enterprise was first released as alpha in December 2016, with a 1.0 GA release in May 2017. Elastic Cloud is the only Elasticsearch service offering that includes the Elastic X-Pack features.

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