Google Cloud Storage edit  

An object store service with strong consistency, multiple storage tiers and deep integration to the Google Cloud ecosystem. Objects are organised into buckets and indexed by string, with the option to list objects by prefix and to summarise results based on a delimiter allowing a filesystem to be approximated. Storage tiers supported include multi-regional (data is distributed across regions in a geo area), dual-regional, regional, nearline and coldline (designed for data accessed less than once per month/year respectively). Supports object lifecycle management allowing for automatic deletion or moving of objects between storage tiers. Supports versioning of objects, access control (via Google Cloud IAM, bucket and object ACLs and time-limited access via signed URLs), encryption of objects and support for SSL connections, auditing of object operations via Google Cloud Audit, gzip uncompression on read, custom domains, multi-part uploads via merging of objects after upload (Composite Objects), acccess and storage logs as downloadable CSV files and batching of request. Quotes a 99.999999999% guarentee that data won't be lost, and availability of 99.9% for regional and 99.95% for multi-regional storage tiers. Provides a web based management console (Google Cloud Platform Console), CLI (gsutil), JSON and XML REST API and SDKs for a wide range of languages.

Technology Information

VendorsGoogle Cloud Platform
Last UpdatedJune 2017