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A shared nothing, massively parallel processing (MPP) database optimised for analytical / OLAP workloads that includes support for reployment on Kubernetes. Based on a PostgreSQL fork, it is essentially multiple PostgreSQL databases working together as a single logical database. Supports a cost-based query optimiser optimised for large analytical workloads, multiple storage models (including append only, columnar and heap), full ACID compliance and concurrent transactions, multiple index types, broad SQL support, a range of client connectors (including ODBC and JDBC), high capacity bulk load and unload tools, in database query language support (including Python, R, Perl, Java and C), and in database analytics support (including machine learning via Apache MADLib, search using Solr via GPText, geographic analytics via PostGIS and encryption via PGCrypto). Originally created by Greenplum (the company) which was founded in September 2003 before being brought by EMC in 2010, with Greenplum (the database) then spun out as part of Pivotal Software in 2013 before being open sourced in in October 2015 under the Apache 2.0 licence with the source code hosted on GitHub. Development is still led by Pivotal (with little evidence of outside contributions), who also distribute binaries as Pivotal Greenplum (with a number of extra enhancements, detiled in the release notes) and provide training, consultancy and support.

Technology Information

Other NamesPivotal Greenplum, GPDB
TypeCommercial Open Source
Last UpdatedSeptember 2019 - 6.0

Related Technologies

Is packaged byApache Bigtop

Release History

versionrelease daterelease linksrelease comment
5.02017-09-14release notes 
5.12017-10-21release notes 
5.22017-11-22release notes 
5.32017-12-07release notes blogInitial containerisation support
5.42018-01-17release notes 
5.52018-02-21release notes 
5.62018-03-23release notes 
5.72018-04-03blog post; release notes 
5.82018-05-10release notes 
5.92018-06-20blog post; release notes 
5.102018-07-26release notes 
5.112018-09-15release notes 
5.122018-10-23release notes 
5.132018-11-09release notes 
5.142018-12-01release notes 
5.152018-12-13release notes 
5.162019-01-19release notes 
5.172019-02-16release notesSupport for object storage
5.182019-04-05release notes 
5.192019-05-18release notes 
5.202019-06-22release notes 
5.212019-07-25release notes 
6.02019-08-31release notesOLTP performance; changes - open source project homepage - code repository - Pivotal Greenplum homepage - architecture overview - Pivotal Greenplum datasheet - documentation - download site

News - link to Greenplum announcement mailing list

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