Hortonworks DataFlow edit  

A distribution of a set of Apache and Hortonworks open source technologies for processing and running analytics on data 'in motion', with all products integrated with Apache Ranger for security, Apache Ambari for management and Schema Registery for central schema management. All bundled Apache open source projects are based on official Apache project releases, with any patches for bug fixes or new features being official Apache project patches from later releases of the relevant project. Available as RPMs or through Apache Ambari (via a management pack), and as an on-site or in the cloud managed service (as Hortonworks Operational Services), but is not currently available via Cloudbreak or as a cloud service. The HDF softare is provided free of charge, with training, consultancy and support available from Hortonworks. First released in September 2015 as a distribution of just NiFi following the acquisition by Hortonworks of Onyara (a company founded by some of the original creators of NiFi).

Technology Information

Other NamesHDF
TypeCommercial Open Source
Last UpdatedMarch 2019 - 3.4

Related Technologies

PackagesApache Kafka, Apache Knox, Apache NiFi, MiNiFi, NiFi Registry, Apache Ranger, Apache Storm, Apache ZooKeeper, Schema Registry, Streaming Analytics Manager
Manageable viaApache Ambari

Bundled Technologies

The details of the Apache projects distributed as part of Hortonworks DataFlow are detailed in the release notes, along with the specific versions included, the unsupported features, the patches pulled forward from future project releases, and the known vulnerabilities and issues.

Release History

versionrelease daterelease linksrelease comment
1.02015-09press releaseInitial version consisting of just Apache NiFi
1.12015-12blog post 
1.22016-03blog postStorm and Kafka added
2.02016-09blog postRanger and Ambari support added
2.12016-12blog post 
3.02017-06-12blog postStreaming Analytics Manager and Schema Registry added; technical preview of SAM Stream Insights which bundles Druid and Apache Superset
3.12018-02-01blog postUpgrade to NiFi 1.5 and Kafka 1.0; adds MiNiFi C++ agent and NiFi Registry
3.22018-08-14blog post; release notes 
3.32018-11-16blog post; release notes; Kafka use casesKafka 2.0; Ranger 1.2; NiFi 1.8; Kafka Streams; Hive+Druid over Kafka
3.42018-03-16release notesKafka 2.1; NiFi 1.9; NiFi Registry 0.3; Schema Registry 0.7


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