MapR Converged Data Platform edit  

A data platform built that provides Hadoop compatibility (via YARN and the MapR-FS HDFS compatible API), NoSQL and streaming data storage via MapR-DB and MapR-ES respectively, and a bundle of open source Hadoop projects via the MapR Ecosystem Pack. Comes with an installer (MapR Installer), a web based user interface for management (MapR Control System), and a monitoring and alerting solution (MapR Monitoring). Available as a free community edition (which excludes some enterprise features such as snapshots, high availability, disaster recovery and replication), a full commercial edition, and as MapR Edge (a small footprint edition that can run on low power and embedded hardware close to data sources to perform initial data filtering and processing before forwarding data on to a central cluster via MapR replication), MapR-XD (an edition that focuses on MapR-FS plus the Orbit Cloud Suite to provide web scale file and container storage), MapR Converged Data Platform for Docker (a marketing name for using the Converged Data Platform as persistent storage for docker containers) and MapR Data Fabric for Kubernetes (ditto but for Kubernetes). Supports a number of add-ons, including the Persistent Application Client Container (PACC, a docker image containing the client libraries required to connect to a MapR Converged Data Platform), MapR Orbit Cloud Suite (which adds support for deployment of cloud infrastructure along with MapR, integration with cloud object stores, plus mirroring and replication, with support for multi-tenancy, object tiering and OpenStack integration announced) and MapR Data Science Refinery (a docker based analytics notebook powered by Apache Zeppelin that fully integrates with the MapR Converged Data Platform). Supports deployment in the cloud (AWS and Azure), and is available as a managed service. First released as MapR v1.0 in 2010

Technology Information

Other NamesMapR Edge, MapR-XD, MapR Converged Data Platform for Docker, MapR Data Fabric for Kubernetes
CategoriesHadoop Distributions
Last UpdatedOctober 2018 - 6.1

Related Technologies

PackagesMapReduce, YARN, Apache ZooKeeper, MapR-DB, MapR-ES, MapR Expansion Pack, MapR-FS
Manageable viaMapR Monitoring, MapR Control System, MapR Installer
Add onsMapR Data Science Refinery, MapR Orbit Cloud Suite, Persistent Application Client Container

Release History

versionrelease daterelease linksrelease comment
6.02017-11-21what’s new; release notesNew MapR Control System; MapR-DB new features
6.12018-10-03blog post; GA announcement; what’s new; release notesS3 compatible API; object tiering; enryption at rest


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