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NoSQL database built over MapR-FS, supporting wide column and JSON document tables and HBase and OJAI (Open JSON application interface) APIs. Tables are stored as first class objects in MapR-FS volumes, and are sharded into table regions / tablets. JSON document tables are schemaless, support read and write access to individual document fields, subsets of fields or whole documents, finding documents by id or native secondary indexes, a set of atomic operations for mutating documents, a change data capture API, and integration with Spark, Hive and MapReduce. Wide column (binary) tables are largely equivalent to HBase tables, and partially support the HBase API, but without support for custom HBase filters or co-processors. Supports replication at the table, column family or column level, either synchronously or asynchronously, and in either master-master or master-slave configurations, with support for replicating to Elasticsearch. Authentication is managed through access control expressions (ACEs) at the field level (for JSON document tables) or at the column level (for wide column tables). Introduced in MapR v4.0 in Sept 2014, with document supported added in MapR 5.1 in Feb 2016.

Technology Information

Last UpdatedOctober 2018 - 6.1

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Add onsMapR-DB HBase Clients and Tools
Is packaged byMapR Converged Data Platform

NOTE: See MapR Expansion Pack for details on MapR-DB HBase Clients and Tools

Release History

versionrelease daterelease linksrelease comment
6.02017-11-21blog postNative secondary indexes, change data capture API, Spark/Hive support
6.12018-10-03Complex datatypes in JSON 

See MapR Converged Data Platform for further release information

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