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Technology for buffering and storing real-time streams of data, built over MapR-FS, with support for a Kafka compatible API. Messages (key/value pairs where the key is optional) are organised into topics, which are partitioned and stored as first class objects within MapR-FS volumes, with topics then grouped into streams. Supports encryption of streams, automatic deletion of messages (via a time to live), consumer groups, authorisation using ACEs (access control expressions), plus replication of topics to one or more remote MapR-ES instances either synchronously or asynchronously, including support for Kafka's MirrorMaker. Comes with Java, C and Python libraries and includes a Kafka compatible API. Introduced in MapR 5.1 in Feb 2016. Previously called MapR Streams.

Technology Information

Other NamesMapR-Streams, MapR Streams
Last UpdatedOctober 2018 - 6.1

Related Technologies

Add onsMapR-ES Kafka Clients and Tools
Is packaged byMapR Converged Data Platform

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See MapR Converged Data Platform for further release information

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