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An MPP query engine that supports queries over one or more underlying databases with the ability to join data from multiple datastores together. Supports a range of underlying technologies including Accumulo, Cassandra, Hive (HDFS), Kafka, Kudu, Redshift and a number of relational databases, with schemas read from the underlying database and cached within Presto. Architecture consists of a co-coordinator node that parses and plan queries, and worker nodes that execute tasks and process data. Extensible for new database connectors, data types, functions, access control schemas and event listeners. Supports resource management, spilling to disks when processing large results sets, a cost based optimiser, Kerberos and LDAP authentication, a CLI, and web interface for monitoring and managing queries and JDBC and ODBC drivers. Created at Facebook, announced and open sourced in 2013. Commercial support was originally provided by Hadapt, which was acquired by Teradata in 2015, before being spun out as Starburst in late 2017, who now provide an enterprise distribution and commercial support and services.

Technology Information

TypeCommerical Open Source
Last UpdatedOctober 2018

Related Technologies

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