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Hadoop as a managed service over AWS, Azure, Google Gloud Platform and Oracle Cloud. Supports Airflow, Hadoop, Presto and Spark cluster types, automatic management (starting, stopping and scaling) of clusters based on workload, automatic shared Hive metastores within accounts, role based access control (to accounts, clusters and UI/API functionality, with Hive authorisation to manage access to data), connectivity to external databases (Data Stores), labelling of clusters and routing of commands by label (allowing graceful cluster upgrades), custom node bootstrap commands, encryption, auditing, data caching (on AWS only via open source Rubix project), ODBC/JDBC drives. Has a rich web based user interface that supports exploration of data (in Hadoop, object stores and connected external databases), a command composer with auto completion (supporting Hive, Presto, Pig, Shell, Spark and Worklow commands) with auto completion and command history, parameterisable command templates, data management (import, export and upload), a visual query builder (Smart Query), Zeppelin based notebooks (including publication of public read only notebook views), command schedulers, cluster management and a range of usage and cluster metrics and graphs. Also supports a REST API. Priced per hour based on the cloud infrastructure being used, which is in addition to any cloud vendor costs. Launched in 2013.

Technology Information

Other NamesQDS
Last UpdatedMay 2019 - R56 (AWS/Azure/Oracle)

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PackagesApache Airflow, Apache Hadoop, Apache Hive, Apache Pig, Apache Spark, Apache Sqoop, Apache Tez, Apache Zeppelin, Presto, TensorFlow

Release History

versionrelease daterelease linksrelease comment
R542018-11-29blog post; AWS; Azure; Oracle 
R55 (AWS)2019-02-06release notes 
R55 (Azure)2019-03-15release notes 
R55 (Oracle)2019-03-15release notes 
GCP2019-04-10announcement; tech overview 
R56 (AWS)2019-05-08release notes 
R56 (Oracle)2019-05-29release notes 
R56 (Azure)2019-05-30release notes 


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