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Abstraction layer for accessing structured data in Hadoop that enforces fine grained access control (via Apache Sentry). Started in January 2015 and announced with an initial beta release in September 2015 and a stated plan to donate it to the Apache Foundation, however all code and documentation were taken down at the end of 2017, with the download page on Cloudera's website now simply stating that 'RecordService is in development'. Functionality that was available included support for reading data from HDFS and S3 in Parquet, Text, Sequence File, RC and Avro formats via a Hive table/view definition or a file path, with support for HBase and Kudu planned, direct access to data via C++ and Java APIs plus integration with MapReduce, Spark, Impala and Pig, with support for Hive planned, and support for the Apache Sentry security model, including table, view, file (via grants on uris to create external tables) and column level security, with row level filtering and data masking planned.

Technology Information

TypeCommercial Discontinued
Last UpdatedMarch 2017 - v0.3

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