Scality RING edit  

A massively scalable commercial object store available as software for deployment on premises on commodity hardware. Based around a native object store core, but with POSIX filesystem support, and support for a range of APIs including file based (NFS, SMB and Linux FUSE), object based (S3 compatible and native Scality REST APIs), and OpenStack compatible (Swift, Cinder, Glance and Manila). Supports both variable level data replication and erasure coding, object encryption, file and object versioning, multi-site support (via synchronous and asynchronous replication, including support for replicating to Amazon S3), data location control, support for arbitrarily large objects, rolling upgrades and full authentication and access controls (including support for LDAP, Active Directory, AWS IAM and Kerberos). Comes with a CLI and web based GUI, and an add on solution (Scality Cloud Monitor) is available for monitoring and management. Sold by Scality, who were founded in 2010 and who focus on selling and supporting Scality RING, but who have also open sourced their S3 API as Zenko Cloudserver (previously S3 Server).

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Last UpdatedJuly 2019 - 8.0

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