Streaming Analytics Manager edit  

A suite of open source web based tools to develop and operate stream analytics solutions and analyse the results, with pluggable support for the underlying streaming engine. Consists of Stream Builder (a web based GUI for building streaming data flows), Stream Operations (a web based management and operations tools for streaming applications) and Stream Insight (a bundling of Druid and Apache Superset to serve and analyse the results of streaming applications). Stream Builder supports creation of streaming flows using a drag and drop GUI, with support for a range of sources (including Kafka and HDFS), processors (including joins, window/aggregate functions, normalisation/projection and PMML model execution), and sinks (including email, HDFS, HBase, Hive, JDBC, Druid, Cassandra, Kafka, OpenTSDB and Solr), as well as support for custom sources, processors, sinks and functions (including window functions), and the ability to automatically deploy and execute applications. Stream Operations supports the management of multiple execution environments, the deployment, execution and management of applications within an environment, the capture of stream metrics via pluggable metrics storage (with support for Ambari and OpenTSDB), and web based dashboards to monitor applications and visualise key metrics. Started by Hortonworks in May 2015, with an initial release as part of HDF 3.0 in June 2017.

Technology Information

Other NamesSAM, Streamline
TypeCommercial Open Source
Last UpdatedJune 2017 - v0.5

Related Technologies

PackagesApache Druid (Incubating), Apache Superset (incubating)
Is packaged byHortonworks DataFlow

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